Overview of the main manufacturers of cots.

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    Baby cots for babies.

    Cots Gandylyan

    The Cradle - a small bed or basket for infants, which allows the child to rock.

    Types of cradles.

    The Cradle (unsteady, rocking, cradle, cradle, pebey) is known to most of the world. Cradles were made of various materials: wood (hollowed trees, planks cradle), wicker, rattan, leather, bark, rope (cradles hammocks). There are a support cradle rocking chair and hanging. Variety cradle - Buggy.

    Unsteady - in the East Slavic languages ​​or regional dialect name bassinet (crib, suspended from the ceiling) for rocking nursing babies.

    Easy unsteady (boxfish), woven from pine shingles, suspended on the handle of a bird cherry ochepu bandwagon and had to swing. Ochep - a flexible pole, attached to the ceiling Matice. On a good ochepe unsteady fluctuated quite strongly, sometimes seven feet from the floor.

    Cots Red Star

    Perhaps such a swing from the day of birth, followed by the swing on the swings and produces special hardening: sailors, coming from the peasants rarely been exposed to sea-sickness. Later ochepa instead began to use spring. Modern cradle often made of vine wood, and even plastic.

    In the royal cradles bed and duvets were stuffed swan's down. Inside cradle hold small icons or crosses.

    The design of the crib.

    The bed typically has four feet (except for specific models), by which it is raised above the floor frame, the backrest (front and rear) and the mattress. The frame, bearings and the headboard may be made of metal, wood or less of other materials. This design allows the bed to temporarily possess or store things under it (for example, a suitcase with things) and hang on the back of things.

    Cots Kubanlesstroy

    More complex design includes beds of vertical poles and even in some cases the roof. This supplement in combination with curtains covering it separates the space of the room from the space where the bed itself. An additional feature of this separation can be a protection against insects.

    Children's mattresses.

    Children's mattresses, as well as mattresses for adults, can be divided into types by size and materials should be their design. Dimensions of children's mattresses are usually standard - 120 × 60 cm. But before you buy you need to know the exact size of the crib.

    There is a rule - children's mattress should be strictly according to the size of the crib. If it is less - will shift the weight of the baby and thereby disrupt sleep if the mattress is more - it will crawl, also preventing the child to sleep.

    Cots Fairy

    It is also important to select a mattress foundation. It should not be too soft, as the fragile child's spine will bend arbitrarily based on a soft mattress. This can lead to distortion. But the stiffness also can not overdo it - it can lead to congestion and edema. Children's Orthopedic mattress should be moderately elastic.

    In addition, it is important that children's mattress was environmentally friendly.






    Cots SLE-Comp 23111
    SLE-Comp 23111

    Cots Gandylyan Vanya K2002-22
    Gandylyan Vanya

    Cots Vedruss Lana 3 (pendulum)
    Lana Vedruss 3

    Cots Kubanlesstroy Buttercup AB 15.2
    Kubanlesstroy Buttercup

    Cots Giovanni Magico
    Giovanni Magico

    Baby Crib Baby Italia Andrea VIP
    Baby Italia Andrea

    Baby Crib Pali Zoo
    Pali Zoo

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